We have just launched our new website dedicated to photo restorations.

We have a number of images showing what we do.

In addition to photo restoration, we also offer an image manipulation service, where we are able to add or subtract portions, object or people as required. Thjere are limitation, however these will be explained when you contact us. Click on the logo above to have a look.

Canvas Printing and Stretching Perth

Welcome to The Print Side of Things.

I am not interested in rules or conventions. Photography is not a sport.

                                                                                                                                    Bill Brandt

Nor is printing

That’s why at The Print Side of Things we break the traditional boundaries of printing photographs by letting the image reveal the time and place it was captured in a unique and memorable way.

Canvas, lustre or pearl, gloss, metallic, panoramic, enlarged

Each photos needs are individual.

Let The Print Side of Things print your memories in a style that best captures its image, its story and its magic!

After all, our aim is to produce images that you’re proud of, want to show your friends and family and are keen to display for years to come.

Headed by Rod Lawson Kerr, an experienced and passionate photographer and print specialist, The Print Side of Things specialises in;

  • Canvas printing
  • Custom photo enlargements and;
  • Photo restorations

If you wish that colour photo was black and white

Or that damaged photo could be restored

Then the Print Side of Things can make your wish come true!

Contact them today to discuss your specific needs.

M: 0406 944 201

The Print Side of Things also offers photographic services. To view examples of my photography, Please visit my photography site at,

Interested, then give Rod a call on 0406 944 201 to discuss your photographic or printing needs.

44 Parkinson Place, Hillarys, W.A.   6025



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